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RenaFlex™ Single-use Flexible Ureteroscope

Lithotripsy | Single-Use | Reusable | Stone Devices

Regardless of stone size, composition, or location, Olympus offers a broad range of stone management solutions, now including a single-use flexible ureteroscope, designed to enable physicians to confidently approach every patient or procedure, at any site of care.

We understand that treating the urinary system demands diverse options. Our extended stone management portfolio is designed to help physicians be ready for every stone.

We invite you to stay tuned as we release communications, resources, and event news on the RenaFlex single-use flexible ureteroscope.

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The RenaFlex™ Single-use Ureteroscope works in combination with the compatible CV-S1 Video System Center for flexible Single-use Endoscopes. For safe and proper use follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use handling and operating of the RenaFlex Single-use Ureteroscope and the CV-S1 Video System Center. If used or handled in an improper manner, there is a risk of patient and/or operator injuries, burns, infections, bleeding, and/or perforation, and/or equipment damage.

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