Mechanically Enhanced Colonoscopy*

Thank you for your interest in the ENDOCUFF VISION™ Device. The ENDOCUFF VISION device is attached to the distal end of the colonoscope and is designed to maintain and maximize the viewable mucosa during endoscopic procedures by manipulating colonic folds.*

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*Data held on file by Olympus as of 12/09/2016 (K162205).

Intended use:
ENDOCUFF VISION™ device is intended to be attached to the distal end of the endoscope to facilitate endoscopic therapy, to be used for the following:


A rare but potential complication when using ENDOCUFF VISION™ device is the detachment of the device during the procedure. The physician should be prepared to retrieve the device if this were to occur. The physician should ensure ENDOCUFF VISION™ device is used only with compatible colonoscopes, that the colonoscope distal tip is in good condition, and that the device is fully seated on the distal tip prior to the application of lubricant to minimize the chance of detachment. Standard risks of colonoscopy including injury, bleeding and perforation still apply when using the ENDOCUFF VISION™ device.



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