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VISERA ELITE™ II Surgical Imaging Platform

Experience one visualization solution for various surgical specialties with the VISERA ELITE II surgical imaging system. This platform supports 2D, 3D, and IR imaging and is compatible with over 22 procedure-specific cameras and video endoscopes.1

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VISERA ELITE II Surgical Imaging Platform
Endoscopy and Infrared Fluorescence
Endoscopy and Infrared Fluorescence

Intraoperative endoscopy is an effective mitigation strategy for anastomotic leak prevention. When paired with infrared fluorescence technology, surgeons can assess anastomoses and staple lines endolumenally for mechanical failures, as well as laparoscopically for real-time perfusion assessments.


POWERSEAL™ Sealer/Divider: Advanced Bipolar Energy

With a 25+ year legacy of Advanced Energy innovation & performance, Olympus proudly introduces the POWERSEAL Sealer/Divider, the next generation in advanced bipolar vessel sealing energy. We built on a foundation of form and function you're used to, then enhanced it to require less effort, streamline your workflow, and accommodate your surgical preferences and technique. The POWERSEAL Sealer/Divider's double-action jaw with a curved, tapered tip allows access to critical anatomical structures while providing secure tissue grasping and efficient dissection.2

THUNDERBEATâ„¢ Portfolio

The THUNDERBEAT device is the only hybrid energy device on the market6, offering the versatility and value of multiple devices in a single instrument.3

  • Precise fine dissection3
  • Tip cutting ability3
  • Secure tissue grasping3
  • Easy entry into tight anatomy3
  • Blunt tissue dissection3
  • Minimal thermal spread when compared to other leading energy devices.3
SONICBEAT™ Portfolio

The SONICBEAT portfolio is the ideal ultrasonic choice, combining greater precision and better tissue control to help you achieve your clinical, operational, and financial goals.4

  • Secure tissue grasping4
  • Precise fine dissection4
  • Minimal thermal spread4
  • 5 mm vessel sealing4
  • Reduced mist4
Smoke Management and Insufflation Solutions.

The UHI-4 Insufflation Unit is designed to increase maximum flow rate of 45L per minute.

OR-VAC Surgical Smoke Plume Evacuator is intended to evacuate and filter surgical smoke and aerosols created by the interface of surgical tools with tissue (examples: lasers, electrosurgery systems, and ultrasonic devices).


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The VISERA ELITE II is a compact, multispecialty imaging platform designed for laparoscopic diagnosis, treatment, and video observation. The VISERA ELITE II system is not specifically designed for cardiac applications. Other combinations of equipment may cause ventricular fibrillation or seriously affect the cardiac function of the patient.

The POWERSEAL™ Sealer & Divider is a bipolar electrosurgical instrument indicated for use in a variety of procedures and specialties, and can be used on vessels up to and including 7 mm, lymphatics, and tissue bundles. The POWERSEAL device is intended for single use only, and has not been shown to be effective for tubal sterilization or tubal coagulation for sterilization procedures. Consult with a qualified professional prior to utilizing on patients who have electronic implants to avoid possible hazard.

The THUNDERBEAT™ Type S is a hybrid ultrasonic and bipolar electrosurgical hand instrument intended for use in a variety of open and laparoscopic procedures to cut, seal, coagulate, and dissect with two distinct modes of action: Seal & Cut and Seal only. The device can be used to seal vessels up to and including 7 mm, lymphatics, and tissue bundles. The THUNDERBEAT device is intended for single use only and has not been shown to be effective for tubal sterilization or tubal coagulation for sterilization procedures.

The SONICBEAT™ device, as with all ultrasonic-cutting instruments, inappropriate use can cause unintended damage to tissue physically or thermally.


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